please be nice

by Camping in Alaska

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Jacob Brown
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Jacob Brown sick album mane Favorite track: c u in da ballpit.
John Bakalars II
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John Bakalars II you've never even been to alaska Favorite track: c u in da ballpit.
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mowmreow pls dnt break up this is from the heart Favorite track: there's no "brian" in team.
Troy Shropshire
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Troy Shropshire Eat a dick Austin. Favorite track: why can't i be snowing?.
Carson May
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Carson May This album got me into Emo music, and transformed me into an enlightened, angsty 15 year old. Favorite track: i just want to kickflip into the sunset and disappear.


fuck this record.


released September 10, 2013

austin davis-guitar, vocals
ben cape-guitar, vocals
jacob stewart-drums
jacob hill-bass



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Camping in Alaska Huntsville, Alabama

huntsville, al

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Track Name: insight
i like doa the chacha like a sissy girl.
Track Name: there's no "brian" in team
why do i always run away
why do i always take the easy way
i wont go and do that again.
im gonna work hard and do my best.
ive got to tell you the truth
the time spent with you i
is a waste of time.

ive had the biggest crush
on you
ever since we first met

and if you think im a monster
youre probably right
im just a monster
so run and hide
cus im a disfunctional mess
and i cannot address the truth

yeah i was weak when you needed strong
and i cant see where i belong
were tryna make things better
im tryna make things better for her
i was wrong about you
i was wrong all along
yeah i was wrong about you
i was wrong all along

and i just want you to know im gonna fuck up
and i realize that
you already know that im a fuck up
and i realize that

but i cant change
i cant change
i cant change
i cant change..
Track Name: justin farmer
we'll all be alright.
sometimes it's hard for me to see,
what a shitty person i can be.
it's unexplainable,
i'm unforgiveable and inexplicable.
i want what i want.
i don't want you, i don't want this, i'm so sick of all this fucking stressful shit.
i want out.
Track Name: c u in da ballpit
hey i been starin at you
and i thought you were starin at me too
i thought i caught you
but i know it's too good to be true
but i been meanin to ask you
how's your life
and what're you doin friday night
cuz i'm off work
and i'm going crazy
cuz your face is burned in the back of my fucking eyelids.
and sometimes
when i can't sleep
i'll drive my car to the top of monte sano
and i'll watch the cars pass by (the pretty city lights)
and i'll feel alright.
hey i been lookin for you
been searchin high and low
where did you go
cuz i'm alone
and this feeling's burning in the pit of my fucking stomach
and this fire is lit all up and down my spine
but you waiver
and say
we all live so we all die