from by Camping in Alaska



working like a dog pullin 10 ton sleds
feelin all that weight pullin strings in my head
buried to neck in depressed wet cement
20 grams of boy and 20 boys dead
nodded out girl scout beautiful best friend
900 black ice 3 shells and hot lead
dart full of blood and my eyes seein red
10,000 tons pullin strings in my head
sayin the kinda shit that i'd swore i'd never said
never sayin nothin like the way that i meant
no idea if she saw it but i knew it was sent
10,000 tons pullin strings in my head
thru my veins
strate to my brains
on the bathroom floor
where ill beg for more
the chemical moon is full
my appetites as fierce as a wolf
oo, tear thru my skin
plunger pushed in
fangs tear my flesh
crooked teeth and bad breath
wherewolf my victims will scream
wherewolvf the victim is me
wherewolvf but ill tear thru you too
i'm sorry that this kills you too


from WELCOME HOME SON, released March 30, 2016



all rights reserved


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